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Yesterday morning, Twitter announced the introduction of the new header image. Ah, the wave of a visual focus across social media platforms continues.  But don't fret! This is not only a completely easy tweak to make to your business Twitter profile but also a great opportunity to further brand your page. The new header image does not get rid of your current profile image; instead, it simply acts as a backdrop to the top of your profile. It is a bit of a spin-off of Google+ and Facebook. Take a look at an example:

As you can see, the general bio as well as
username still appear on your page. You can also take note of the new "Me" option on the primary navigation on the top of your page to the right of "Discover". Be among one of the first Twitter users to update your profile to show that you are on top of your social media game!

Here's How:

1. Go to the "Me" button on the top left-hand side of your page

2. Click "Edit Profile" on the top right

3. On the vertical menu on the left-hand side of the page, click "Design"

4. Scroll down the page until you see the  "Customize Your Own" header

5. Under that header, the first thing you will see is "Change Header"

6. Click the button, and upload your image

Take this opportunity to let out your creative side. With more pixels to work with, you can really amp-up the visual appeal of your page. Keep in mind it is a bit tricky to choose an appropriate header image due to the fact that Twitter has slammed your bio information and username directly in the middle of the new image. Keep it simple, and make sure that it effectively compliments your background and current avatar picture. To see some Twitter accounts that have done this well, click here.

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Carla Rosemarino

Internet Marketing Analyst


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Comments (3)


11/26/2012 09:12 AM

The final thing I'll discuss in this article is software for your website. I'm no programmer myself so I (like thousands of other marketers) use WordPress to build my websites. There are literally thousands of WordPress resources out there from which to choose and you can often pick up a free item that will do the job you need quite sufficiently be it a plugin or a theme. webbyr?_ is also a way of promoting the product, and is a very popular form of internet marketing. By far it webbdesign for the visibility level of the website that is to be promoted.

One problem that you may also find is that some WordPress resources do not play nicely together. Sometimes one or the other will stop working as it is supposed to. (Or stop working at all) In extreme cases however your whole site can break if the plugins don't play nice together.

My final word on the WordPress resources quandary is that you should find a mentor or become friends with a more experienced internet marketer and ask their advice on how to do something.

Where do you find these friends/mentors?

When you find the right training course for you, the mentor(s) and friends will naturally follow.

Good luck and Godspeed in finding the internet marketing resources that will make your life simpler and more profitable!

Blue Archer

11/05/2012 01:59 PM

We agree, Maxwell! Thanks for the comment!

Maxwell Earish

11/05/2012 01:56 PM

I just tried this new header image on Twitter and I was really excited about it. It looks great on my profile and it's one more reason to post a picture for everyone to see too.

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