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Do you need to showcase your work? We cover why you should have a portfolio on your website.

Not all businesses are created equal and work for one company can be showcased much differently than if it were for someone else. For some, something like a resource library can position them as a credible source in their industry. Others may need to showcase examples of their work in a portfolio. 

Who Needs A Portfolio

Whether you are an artist or manufacturer, a portfolio may help showcase some of your best work. 

This would apply to clients who are project based and rely on a visual element for their work. For example, it may help a potential customer to see what kind of buildings you work on or what kind of events you set-up.

Why A Portfolio

If you think you may be someone that would benefit from a portfolio, you may also be asking why would you want to add it to your website? This may be especially true if you are used to showing clients a hard copy or a portfolio book. In the growing age of digital, it can be convenient for potential customers to qualify you on your site. It may also be helpful for you to quickly bring up past work when you are discussing details with new leads. 

What should I display?

An example of what to cover in your portfolio may be: 

  • Images
  • Project sizes
  • Budget if applicable 

What We Build

You can view a sample by checking out our own project portfolio displayed below.

Web Design Pittsburgh

If you'd like to get started with show casing your work, let us know

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