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Idea Generator: 5 steps To the Best (New) Idea

In web design, we typically think of the product which reflects a screen and code. With every story, there is a beginning. The messy, whimsical ideas drawn on paper that turn into masterpieces of virtual design. 

Let’s look at the design world in terms of a story. 

The begging is a cloud of imagination waiting for one idea to perspire heavy enough to fall in front of us. Then, we act on it – creating the climax. In the end, we have the final product. Some ideas greater than others, but no idea should go unseen.

Start with good ole fashions paper.

Keep ideas simple

Writing takes a lot longer than typing, it’s a fact. Sometimes we forget letters and even words because our brain processes information faster than our reaction time.  

Think about when you get excited about a spontaneous idea. It’s easy to think of it, but putting it down on paper will make you realize you’re way out of your league or if you should be giving Ellon Musk a call. 

Whether the idea has 2 or 82 steps, writing it down keeps it simple enough for you to understand. As well as anyone else you’re explaining it to. 

Ideas are better sought after in fewer steps. The simpler the better. 

Ideas happen everywhere and anywhere

From the grocery store to the park, ideas pop out of nowhere. Some of us find the bathrooms (showers etc.) for inspiration and some find solace in people-watching. 

Ideas come out of nowhere and its good idea to have a place to look back on to check on those unprompted ideas. 

Always document your thoughts! Seeing it on paper will make it easier to understand. Whether the lesson was positive or negative. 

Commitment? Never heard of her

The best part about documented your ideas is that it never is permanent. You can change, modify, add, and even pick apart your ideas to the last leg if you wanted to. Keeping it on paper allows you to see the development process before your eyes.

It’s more than any online software can do for you.


You need human error and human identity behind your ideas to see the impression's outlook. 


Faster, Stronger, Better

Our brains work faster than our bodies, therefore making it hard to keep up but easy to overlook. 

Some aspects of online media are faster than on paper, but you can draw a house faster than you can on any Adobe software. 

Outside the box

When we know, what is achievable after a certain step, it holds us back from thinking outside the box. 

Design programs can limit your flare because you might only know how to do a certain number of things. If you do it on paper, it allows you to visualize exactly what you want. Then you can go and figure out how to do it afterward. 

Think big, start small. 

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If you are looking for a redesign, contact Blue Archer for an idea session on paper that can later be your newest enterprise creation. 

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