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Managing Your Brand Amid COVID-19

As a business, it’s difficult to foresee obstacles as unprecedented as the coronavirus. For most companies, a global pandemic is uncharted territory and a force that must be faced in real-time.

Despite having little time for preparation, there are certain steps that can be taken to reassure your customers and present a positive image during uncertain times. 

Press Pause on Your Scheduled Campaigns

Take a close look at your scheduled marketing campaigns before hitting “publish”. Now is the time to tread lightly when it comes to the message your business is broadcasting. Consider the mindset of your audience before starting a conversation. If your customer base is in a fearful mental state, acting as though everything is fine can make your brand look irrelevant or tone-deaf. 

Revaluate your scheduled social media posts and shelve any unfitting messages for a later date. Instead of moving forward with business as usual, refocus your message on being ready and available to serve your customer’s needs.

Avoid Radio Silence

While it is better to stay quiet than to contribute to any unnecessary noise, total silence can leave your customers uncertain about the state of your business or its operations.

Sending out a concise email or implementing a simple alert bar on your website can help reassure customers that business is operating normally or convey information about changes such as modified hours or policies. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Blue Archer team has added an alert bar to our website to assure clients that business is continuing as usual. To help our clients, we have made this alert bar feature available for them at a discounted rate. 

Examples of how clients are using an alert bar to notify customers of important changes to their business.

If you’re a Blue Archer client interested in implementing an alert bar on your website, reach out to your project manager or our support team.

Invest Time in Marketing- Related Activities

If your team is quarantined, use any available downtime to work on marketing-related activities. Refresh the content on your website, rewrite old blog posts to utilize relevant search keywords, or revise existing collateral for future marketing campaigns.

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