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Our Favorite Industry Predictions For 2017

2017 is just around the corner which means people are sharing their insights on what the new year holds. Will we start marketing wearables? Will virtual reality catch on? 

We cover some of our favorite predictions in the industry.


Accelerated Mobile Pages 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is the open source initiative that empowers publishers to develop mobile optimized content.
Soumya Nair


Google may start prioritizing AMP in search results which would involve many websites utilizing the programming. 

Schema Markup

Schema serves as a language that communicates with search engines to determine optimial search listing display. 

Voice Search

A recent study that was conducted by Northstar Research showed that 55% of youths use voice search to look for information online on a daily basis. The results also showed that 56% of adults love using voice search, as it enables them to keep tabs with the young tech savvy generation. Based on the fact that speaking is easier that typing words in a browser, voice search will become more prominence in 2017.
Media One


The rise of voice search could potentially change how websites are optimized since uses speak in a different manner than how they type. 

Content Marketing


Social video platforms like Facebook are riding the tide and optimizing feeds to improve the viewing experience. Having more videos also improves SEO, as Google—which owns YouTube—favors them in search results. So get your cameras out and start filming.
Joei Chan


Video, as it did this year, will only gain traction in 2017. 

Content Marketing Will Surpass Traditional

More and more frequently these days, Internet users are ignoring ads and scrolling past them in order to get to the content they actually want to see. 
Lisa Froelings


If user behavior predicts anything, it is that traditional ads will lag behind quality content in terms of engagement. 

Social Media

Shopping On Social

Pinterest has “buyable pins,” Instagram just launched a shopping platform and LinkedIn will soon be adding lead generation forms on the site. And while purchasing products and services through Facebook has not yet caught on, Walton said it’s only a matter of time until all social networks integrate some form of purchasing.


2017 may be the year where all social platforms make shopping on social a regular occurance. 

SnapChat (Snap)

Companies may be making more of an effort with SnapChat (now known as Snap) as more updates roll out. 

New Year

We can help prepare you for the new year with a digital overhaul


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