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Social Media For The Healthcare Industry

Social media is becoming more of a requirement than an optional outlet for communication, this may especially be true for an industry such as healthcare. Reaching patients and forming solid relationships will not only benefit the industry, but the individual in need. 

Why Go Social?

In the past, advertising was a single sided voice that spoke to the audience. It persuaded and influenced in any manner it could.

Generations later, with a vast amount of information at the tips of our finger tips, this tactic does not work. Instead, businesses and organizations are finding themselves in a conversation with their audience. 

Social media fuels a give take relationship between the two. This is a good thing. Our styles of communicating are evolving to benefit both parties. 

How To Do It

It is not uncommon to feel at a loss when it comes to speaking on behalf of your organization using social media. If you aren't sure where to start, look at some of the basics to begin posting

What To Post

  • Show your human side
    • You can do this by interacting and having conversations with your patients
      • Answer their questions
      • Wish them well
      • Show imagery of patients and employees
  • Educational resource
    • This may the the most logical approach to social media by sharing educational resources
      • Guides/Resources
      • Health Tips
      • Health News
  • Exclusive offers
    • This provides value to your social media outlets by giving exclusive offers or resources to your audience
      • Discounts if able
      • Doctor's tips
  • Crisis

Best Practices

  • Comply with HIPAA regulations
  • ​Post regularly and often
  • Be authentic and geniune 
  • Always respond to your audience

The Impact

Referral MD compiled a list of social media statistics from the healthcare industry that we transferred into an infographic. 

Social Media For The Healthcare Industry: Infographic

Get Social 

If you are convinced that you need a social presence, we can help. You can the other social efforts we made in the industry

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