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Next Level Technology: What to Expect from 5G

Mobile phone operators and equipment vendors are ready for this high-speed launch. There is nothing more talked about than the fast-paced internet we all desire. This advancement is great for new revenue and market share. 

From 2G to now 5G, the next level generation of technology continues to grow. However, we need to look beyond speed capabilities this time around, because more is available besides the ability to download HD movies in under a minute. 


With the increasing launch of new technology over the years, it’s hard for everyone to keep up. It’s nearly impossible. It is impossible for everyone to stay up-to-date with all the updates and new tech coming out. It gets expensive and overwhelming. 

Between the license fees and cost to build network structures, it is not worth the time and energy to continuously produce new products. There is just not enough time to view them all. 

New features for 5G

This new generation will provide broadband internet access to homes through fixed wireless access. This employs wireless mobile network technology. 

As daily users, we expect the internet to move quickly without interruption. When we experience a delay, we get frustrated. With 5G, you can expect a 30-millisecond decrease in response rate. 

Currently, 4G operates on a 40-millisecond internet speed while 5G can lower that to around 10 milliseconds. 

For some, this may be a neglectful feature. On the other hand, virtual reality users with prospering as well as self-driving vehicles. With these types of technology, a slight delay can make a big difference. 

The big change will be in the data sharing network that needs to be implemented in order to handle this huge capacity of information. 

According to a news source, 5G was expected to launch in 2020. Therefore, we are a year ahead of schedule. We can expect the first launch to be in the UK.

To make 5G work and be successful, people must invest in it. The challenge right now is that 4G works perfectly fine for most of the mobile phone population. Why switch when what you have works perfectly fine?

These companies will look beyond tradition mobile users and focus on operators and manufacturers. They need to think BIG in terms of marketing.

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