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The Best SEO Chrome Extensions

Information is almost solely obtained from online resources, especially through Google searches. Since Google owns over 90% of searches, its Chrome extensions come in handy for optimal visibility. Follow along as we discuss why you need each extension and how they work together to perform for you for FREE. 

Did you know that Google owns about 92% of the global search engine market? That breaks down to approximately 72% of the desktop market and 92% of the mobile search engine market share. The country with the highest amount of users is none other than The United States.

Just like cell phone Apps, Google has many options for extensions that crowd the space. However, there are a few golden tickets to take advantage of.

Most are compatible with Firefox and Safari as well, and each of them keeps track of most of the analytics for you. Because less time fussing over SEO means more time for finding the next perfect remote activity to share with your team.

Some have better keyword data, others have better link data, and others give better technical suggestions. As you can see there is no perfect tool; however, once combined, you have given yourself everything you will need. 

  1. Ubberguggest 
    • ​​Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.
    • For example, you can get strategic competitive insight on the top 10 results, followed by a list of closely related keyword suggestions based on your search term
  2. Keywords Everywhere
    • ​​Keywords Everywhere is a tool that shows three different information types for keywords on Google: monthly search volume, cost per click, and Google Adwords competition.
    • Users can also see the estimated organic traffic and the top 5000 keywords for all pages on Google. On YouTube, users can also see the Search Insights widget, as well as the Tags widget.
  3. MozBar
    • Domain authority is a metric made up by Moz. Generally speaking, the higher your domain authority, the higher your rankings are. Moz created a Chrome extension called Mozbar that tells you the domain authority and page authority for any page on the web.

    • This extension is handy when you are browsing the web and researching any potential competitors as it will quickly show you how you stack up to them and as you are going through their site you can easily spot their most authoritative pages that you need to analyze.

  4. SEO Minion
    • This all in one tool is and on-page SEO analyzer, broken link checker, SERP previewer, and a Google location simulator.
    • Tool Highlight - SEO Minion quickly sees all the links (internal & external) for any webpage as well as check any broken links. 
  5. WMS Everywhere
    • ​​WMS Everywhere is an extension that provides keyword metrics like search volume and cost-per-click for your current search term and a collection of related search terms.
  6. BuzzSomo
    • BuzzSumo’s got you covered when it comes to tracking social media SEO. This extension allows you to easily track shares and top-performing content on social media pages.
    • Using BuzzSumo can help aid in future SEO decisions and check the backlinks you provide on your pages.
  7. SEOquake
    • Check your webpage’s SEO health with a real-time diagnosis feature that helps you identify and fix various optimization issues that occur with modern search engines.
    • With SEOquake, users receive an instant SEO summary for any webpage with an interactive SEObar that can be adjusted to your needs or switched off completely.
  8. SimilarWeb- Traffic Rank & Website Analysis
    • ​Popularity is everything! Similar Web gives the most accurate traffic estimations compared to anyone else.

    • Now with the Similar Web extension, you can get traffic data without going back to their site. 

    • Not only can you see which countries users are coming from and traffic makeup but you can see the traffic data for the last 6 months. It even breaks down the bounce rate, average pages per visit, and visit duration.


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