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As we head into this Halloween weekend, there are reminders all around us of the scary things in life... ghosts, goblins, witches, the internet... Yes, here at Blue Archer, we know the internet can be a scary place. Whether you are a newbie on the scene or even someone that has been involved in technology for while, the internet and managing your own website can be scary. What scares ME the most is staying on top of all the most important information and developments in search engine optimization and web marketing. I rely on some very knowledgeable people with good information to share (and of course CREDIBILITY), that in turn, help the quickly evolving world of web marketing seem less scary for me. Below is a list of the blogs I regularly follow, that give me the information I need to better understand these changes and thus do my job more effectively.

TOP 5 Web Marketing Blogs to Follow:

1. The Official Google Blog:
What more can I say? It's Google. Everyone needs to follow this one.

2. The Official Google Webmaster Central Blog:
Matt Cutts has been working for Google since 2000. Smart, Funny, AND he has knowledge directly from Google.

4. Search Engine Land:
Search Engine Land is everything search. This is not your traditional blog, but rather pulls from a number of different sources/writers. It is led by Danny Sullivan, widely considered a search-engine guru.

5. Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik:
Someone said to follow him, so I did. He wrote a book called "Web Analytics: An Hour a Day." He really knows his stuff, and his blog is an easy ready (not too stuffy).

Bonus Blog:
Seth Godin's Blog:
Not an easy read, but it's hard to talk about web marketing blogs without recognizing Seth Godin. His blogs are more philosophical (yes, his undergrad degree was computer science and philosophy). Seth is an entrepreneur, an author and a marketer. Although, I find his rants to be less informative and more thought-provoking, I try to check-in with him occasionally, though not as frequently as the others.

Happy blog reading!

Jennifer Brant
Marketing Manager


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