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4 Traditions to Maintain a Spark in Your Creative Team

Traditions allow people to look forward to an activity or event. Work is not typically a place of fun or adventure, but these traditions will set the bar high for your employees and allow them to enjoy their time in the office. 

Building traditions isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be a game of trial and error. It can be something simple and small, like a weekly coffee trip, or bigger like a yearly weekend team getaway. 

Making the tradition authentic is vital because it’s not as much about the activity but rather how it brings the team together. It’s all about them having fun and taking some of the “seriousness” out of work - honing in on the power of play.

These 4 examples come from companies who inspire their employees by rewarding them of their commitment to the companies, reaching goals, or even satisfying project completion. 

A design team working together is way more powerful than the parts individually. 

1. Ringing a bell

Some companies like to celebrate completion by ringing a bell or hitting a gong. This is fun and gives your employees something to look forward to.  Sometimes projects are a team collaborative effort, so allowing the MVP of the project take a whack is very rewarding. 

A problem with constant movement in projects is knowing when one ends another begins right away. It’s important to stop and reward the effort made during the last process before you do it all over again.  This can become part of the team culture, especially when completion should be rewarded. 

2. Objective reward

An employee’s workaversary is important not only to the company but to the employee. Instead of them feeling like they’ve been there for a lifetime, reward them with something substantial. 

One company has a 5-year axe club. When you have reached your 5-year mark, you receive your very own axe. In this case, it gives everyone something to look forward too. It is odd, but the best creators are odd. 

Pick an object that reflects your teams approach projects and stick with it. It gives reason and meaning. 

3. Weekend trip

These are perfect for bonding and a break from hectic. Many companies take camping trips. Taking turns leading hikes, cooking, and even collaborating. It is important to step away regroup not only individually but as a team. There are more important skills than office work.

Especially taking a trip outdoors rather than staring at a computer screen can truly change the mood of you and your team for the better.

4. Storytime

Telling stories about your past can help your team grasp exactly who you are. How you became the amazing design/teammate that you are today.

Having a day every month that is designated for a certain group to tell stories can improve collaboration and bonding like no other. 

Some creatives tell stories in their own way and this is a great way to capitalize on it.

Blue archer wants to hear how your team makes efforts to bond outside of the office. Contact us to tell your story. 



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