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Twitter Announces Advertising Ban on State Run Media

Twitter is cracking down just in time for the next election. From China to the US, many accounts have been deactivated due to negative support groups in an effort to keep the platform as organic as possible. Following along to see who is getting banned if it affects your timeline.

If you have been following the events in Hong Kong, you will know that there is discourse over paid advertisements from China to discourage Hong Kong Protesters. 
Xinhua News has been running ads on Twitter and Facebook related to the troubles in Hong Kong – starting Aug 18th.  Doing what they know, by transforming/altering people's views online. Taking advantage of outsiders who aren’t there firsthand to witness exactly what is happening.

 Viewers noticed the untruthful tweets and ads on Facebook, which initiated an investigation. 

Twitter has been profiting money from Chinese propaganda outlets, ultimately saying the opposite of what was happening. Twitter is a powerful platform, which allows them to run ads against the most organic protest hashtags. 

China has always like to keep a close eye on their social networks, both native and foreign. The powerhouse economy has never been a fan of government criticism.

However, Twitter is blocked inside the country's borders.

Authorities neglect the events happening inland but have been known to only present positive images/video worldwide. 

As of Aug 20, 2019 – Twitter and Facebook have removed upwards of 1,000 accounts perceived to be state-backed information originating from China. 

“We like that” - USA

Time to be humorous about the pretty notable accounts who follow the same acquisitions as the Chinese Government. 

The ban will encompass any news-media outlets that could be financially controlled by the state. Yes- this is big!!!

We are updating our advertising policies with respect to state media. Going forward, we will not accept advertising from state-controlled news media entities … This is a global approach and will be enforced across our entire business. - Twitter

From multiple sources, Twitter compiled a list of state-sponsored media outlets that could fall under this new regime. 
However, this isn’t just limited to government-sponsored news sources. The ban will look at paid outlets and even compromised Journalist. 

Twitter is stepping up their game. In their statements, they reflect the value of media independence and freedom. 

Of course, this will take some time. Ultimately, the goal is to allow users to choose whether to follow these platforms instead of them just popping up on random user’s page. 

Let us know what you think of this ban!

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