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Recently, Twitter has come up with a new way to enhance the effectiveness of Twitter advertisements for online markers and small business owners looking for an increased visibility on the social platform.

Now advertisers have the functionality to add "negative keywords" to their Twitter advertising strategy with Promoted Tweets. What does this mean? A more defined niche, of course. Negative keywords mean that advertisers can exclude certain keywords in order to define more clearly which audience they would like to target. For example, a web design company in Pittsburgh could purchase the keywords "web design" and exclude the keywords "career", "recruiting", "employment" or "hiring".  This way, the specific tweet would not show up in the feeds of Twitter users looking for job opportunities in the field. In short, by excluding those terms, they can better target the demographic that are more likely to make purchasing conversions: namely, those looking for web design services.

According to Mashable, Twitter has also added a new bulk import tool. This will help marketers more efficiently manage which keywords they wish to target as well as those they would like to exclude.

Lastly, the new Promoted Tweet updates allow the paid promotions to be entered into an auction for trending topics. Twitter used the example of a baby clothes retailer in their announcement of the update. Basically,in the instance that a celebrity pregnancy was trending, a Promoted Tweet from a retailer of baby clothing could possibly show up in the search results for a specific trend related to the celebrity pregnancy. Sure, this could provide some increased awareness here and there. However, we aren't convinced this will hold any real marketing value given the fact that the targeted audience is nearly nonexistent in this circumstance.

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Carla Rosemarino

Internet Marketing Analyst


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