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Video Marketing 101

There is more to just the standard 30-second video input of marketing. With technology advancements every other day, the scope of video content in 2019 is unmatched. In this blog, we discuss the impact of utilizing different video platforms as well as the future of cinematic marketing. 

Over the years, video marketing has proved its position in the advertising world.  A position that is unmatched and justified. There is no longer an excuse to not take advantage of different tools to create visuals. Everyone is doing It and you need to as well. 


A major factor of video marketing is that people PREFER videos over text. There is no what, and, or buts – It’s a fact!

Anything that is written can be transformed into a video, causing it to be way more effective. No one wants to take the time to read long articles, but rather a short informative video can do the trick. It’s quick, easier and more engaging. 

Guess what, it can be inexpensive too! The newest smartphones capture amazing video quality through their cameras. Allowing cheap and inexpensive production. Believe it or not, many content creators use their phones as their main camera or even backup. 

Watch a couple of YouTube videos and you’ll be a pro in no time. 

New Trends

Trends are popping up out of nowhere and you need to be on the ball. Check out these trends for 2019 and what to expect in the upcoming years.

Social Media Stories

Instagram is increasing in popularity in terms of video sharing and seeking. From polls, questions, and links – Social stories are the best and quickest way to engage your audience. 

Especially if you’re looking to attract a younger audience, you need to get on stories immediately. Also, they are extremely cost-effective. 

Live Streaming 

The rate of people seeking live streaming content continues to grow for all ages. These types of videos give you the chance to really connect with your audience. You can interact with the comments and answer questions on demand.


New project in the office? Whip out a phone or a camera and record the process. Even if you’re throwing a work party or celebrating an accomplishment, show your audience! They want to see that you can be personable with the customers as well as your own employees. 

You can use vlogging to repurpose another blog post as well, except this time you talk about and describe your thoughts. 

Virtual Reality

Compared to other video formats, virtual reality can be expensive. It’s also very new so not many people want nor know how it truly works. If you can use it, however, it might just be your initiation to the top of the ladder. It’s time to immerse yourself into a new environment. 

If you’re looking to implement video onto your website, contact Blue Archer

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