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What are Facebook's Newest Targeting Options?

Brands and marketers find themselves focusing more on paid social with some of Facebook's more recent algorithm changes.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Here’s something to wrap your brain around: there are more potential Facebook audience-targeting options than there are human beings in the world.

If you went through every demographic option, every interests option, every behavior option, connection, remarketing, and so on… it is possible to create so detailed an audience profile that you in all likelihood would develop an audience that doesn’t even exist.

In short, Facebook is powerful–arguably the most powerful marketing tool ever created.

Bob Hutchins, Business2Community


Some of Facebook's newest additions are barely known gems to improve your efforts. 

Newest Targeting Options 

Website Custom Audiences

  • Frequency
  • Time spent
  • Dynamic date
  • Aggregated values
  • Devices

Engagement On Facebook

  • For video, define your audiences based on seconds or percentage of a video watched. 
  • For lead ads, focus on audiences that abandoned or completed a website form. 

Data Set

  • Enter your own attributes to create an audience. 

Interest Expansion

  • Allow Facebook's algorithm to expand your interest targets. 

Advanced matching on the Facebook pixel

  • Match the following website data with Facebook users.
    • Email addresses
    • Phone numbers

All Features

What else could there be in addition to the newest features covered? AdWeek shared an infographic that tediously lists all of the targeting options Facebook has to offer.

Facebook Targeting Options
Facebook Targeting Options
Facebook Targeting Options
Facebook Targeting Options


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