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Learning Tool: Take Notes by Hand

Learning Tool: Take Notes by Hand

Laptops allow us to participate in numerous online activities as well as increase the number of notes we take in a meeting. However, at one point, notetaking becomes verbatim. There have been recent studies that have shown a beneficial outcome of handwritten notes rather than detailed online drafts. These findings can increase your ability to understand the client’s needs and conference meetings. 

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Does Your Website Need A Resource Center?

Does Your Website Need A Resource Center?

Inbound marketing can redefine your brand and provide solutions to clients whether you're a manufacturer, lawyer, hospital, professional, or a small business. 

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Banking For The Future: How To Appeal To The Youth

Millennials and banking

As a bank, credit union, or other financial service provider, you may have catered to clients of varying ages. 

More often than not, one of the more difficult generations to appeal to are coming to age, swamped in debt, highly educated, and ready to see what you can offer. 

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Content Marketing For The Professional Services Industry

Professional Service Industry: Content Marketing

Content marketing, while it benefits a slew of industries, can be especially crucial for the professional services sector. 

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Designing For Your Industry: Professional Services

Professional Services Webdesign

Someone involved in the professional services industry may find themselves working in finance, banking, or consulting. 

Eventually, a time will come when you need to make crucial decisions about your website whether you c-level, in marketing, or in administration.

How do you get your website to communicate to your audience? 

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