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We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals who look at your business needs with a single shared goal in mind: to create an effective digital presence for your business. Working collaboratively, we're able to achieve results that are creative and strategic, with measurable business impact.  We work hard, and we work smart.

Bob Faletti

Principal, Business Development

Al Polanec

Principal, Operations

Amber Pacella

Project Lead

Amelia Koehler

Creative Lead

Gene Smirnov

Senior Developer

Carla Rosemarino

Carla Rosemarino

Digital Marketing Manager

Jorge Nogay

Senior Developer

Alicia Heymann

Project Manager

Kiley Martin

Kiley Martin

Project Manager

Serge Shabelnikov

Front-end Developer

Barbara Cline

Project Manager & Support

Rick Brown

Business Development

Alyssa Moore


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