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Looking for Pittsburgh Software Developers? Here's What You Should Know

looking for pittsburgh software developers

If you're looking for Pittsburgh software developers or how to choose the right software development company, look no further. Our comprehensive resource guide covers all you need to know.

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Why Web Security is Important: Tips for the Rest of Us

why web security is important

If your organization has a website, then you have a significant opportunity to access your customers, constituents, users, etc.  You also have a significant opportunity for security problems.  The subject of security often seems overly complex and insurmountable for functional users and technical experts alike. 

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Is Your Website Technology Hindering Your Online Marketing Efforts?

Search Engine Marketing is a field that has rapidly grown in the past few years, largely due to the growth of Google. For the first time, website developers and clients alike have found a common measuring stick to determine the efficiency of their online marketing and of their web presence alike.

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Open Source Content Management Systems: None of us is as dumb as all of us

A few years ago everyone agreed that open source content management systems would revolutionize web development and website management. It did - just not in the way everyone expected. Now instead of having websites that took a programmer to change, people have websites that no one alive can change.

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Marketing for the next economic surge: how the internet became main stream

In year's past, companies that had a "digital" marketing strategy were trailblazers. They were exploring new methods of marketing that might someday become standards, albeit supplemental ones. But in today's era of fragmented television markets and the bankruptcy and splintering of print advertising outlets, the internet has become something more than a supplemental marketing resource for many firms: it has become the best method of generating sales.

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