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The other day I was looking at the number of accounts our Blue Archer Twitter account follows.  It's getting up there; we're following almost 1,000 valuable and informational accounts. Our Twitter feed fills up quicker than parking spots at the Whole Foods down the street. Consequentially, there is a ton of information that we just aren't seeing on our feed. We're only humans; we can't be refreshing the feed every few minutes throughout the day. So how should we deal with the copious amount of updates?

We have to make them manageable. Enter, Twitter Lists.

Quite honestly, we haven't actually implemented Twitter lists up until this point. It just didn't seem to be a necessity. However, as your Twitter strategy grows, so too should you tactics. And we've decided to practice what we preach.

So what are Twitter Lists?

Twitter lists help accounts manage and organize both accounts who they follow as well as accounts that they do not follow.  Lists can be either private or public. Making a list public will allow the users on the lists to see which list you have made them a part of - hey, everyone likes to feel included. Private lists mean that you, as the account owner, are the only one who can view the lists. This is perfect for following the actions of your competitors without actually "following" your competitors. Stealthy, right?

How Do I Manage Them?

So how do you get to create these lists for your own business (or personal) Twitter account? It's simple:

1. Click the button to the right of the search bar.

2. Click "Lists"

3. Click "Create List"

Or, see below:





Your Turn.

Have you implemented Twitter lists in your Twitter strategy? If so, how have you found it helpful in managing your updates. Please share in a comment below! For more information on web design, Internet marketing, social media outreach and search engine optimization, contact a professional at Blue Archer in Pittsburgh, PA.

Carla Rosemarino

Internet Marketing Analyst


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