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5 Tips to Building Great Client Relationships

Some people have the skill to develop strong and long-lasting relationships while others must work very hard. Some of these concepts come naturally, but these 5 tips sum up the best advice for building relations during the project management process. 

1. Human Connection

These days, people are starting to work more and more remotely. This is causing less human interaction and a greater flood of emails to the Inbox. 

Think about the closest people to you in your life and how often you see them face-to-face. People need that human connection to develop trust and to express proper emotions which can lead to a successful partnership. 

It would be best to meet with your client in person, but if you can’t, utilize video communication like facetime, zoom, or skype to pursue that connection. 

By the way, if you hate to receive thousands of emails then so do your clients! Pick up the phone and have a conversation. This makes communication faster and easier to understand. Send a follow-up email after to summarize the call. 

2. Payment

When discussing payment options and prices, the initial presentation should be over the phone. This will allow you to hear any concerns your client may have as well as confusion. Acknowledging the confusion at the begging of the process is way more efficient than leaving it to worsen. 

Proposals are meant to be negotiable… or at least discussed. Discussion pricing options via the phone allow for a steady flow conversation and to easily address any concerns. Like before, send a quick follow-up email with a formal quote.

Money is a sticky topic, so keep it firm and respectful. 

3. Expectations

As for anything, never set expectations too high as you’re setting yourself up for failure. However, if you say a project will be complete within two weeks, then that project should be completed in that time. 

Your client shouldn’t have to inquire about updates on an assignment, but rather you inform them of your progress. There is no need to over-communicate, but rather create a structure check-in system to let your client stay up-to-date. 

4. Take responsibility

Mistakes are inevitable. Hiding them is tempting. Clients appreciate your honesty. 

Your goal is to have your clients bestow trust in your team. If something were to go wrong, let them know you are finding out what happened and how you are going to overcome this mistake. You ARE committed to resolving the issue. 

5. Beyond Business

Become genuinely interested in your client's desires and even become friends! The best relationships go beyond the office. However, keep it at an appropriate level. 

The finest relationships come naturally, but prosperous relationships engage effort. 

Blue Archer can assist you with team development to ensure your clients are receiving the best experience. 

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