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How to Audit your Website

In most cases, the main goal of your website is to sell your brand or company in an effective manner. Your website should target prospective clients or customers who have a need for your product or service. How compelling is your website design and content? 
When going through your website, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my website a true representation of my company?
  2. Would a new client understand what products or services I offer by looking through my website?
  3. Has my demographic changed since I first designed my website? 
  4. Is all my information up-to-date? 
  5. Where have my new clients come from, the web or WOM? 

Why Audit? 

Auditing allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your own website and determine whether it’s time for website redesign, content overhaul, or a style update. Even if your website targets a small niche, individuals will navigate your site and absorb information differently. It’s crucial that as a web administrator, you understand the unique needs of your audience segments. When conveying information to a mass audience, content can get lost or misinterpreted. For this reason, measuring the effectiveness of your website is essential for business growth. 

Garenne Bigby from DYNO Mapper put together a list of 10 reasons why you should audit your website:

  • Determine problems in content
  • Identifying areas for content repurposing
  • Finding content gaps
  • Content quality evaluations
  • Improvement of information structures
  • Better SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Improving organic search visibility
  • Stronger content
  • Usability enhancing 
  • Maximizing conversion rates 

Familiarize yourself with terms like SEO, CPC, CTR, visits, exit pages, and traffic sources as they are vigorous to investigating the effectiveness of your website. These tools will allow your team to determine who is interacting with your site, which pages recieve the most views, which pages don’t get any views, and the areas that have room for improvement. With the help of the auditing websites listed below, it will be simpler to gage the effectiveness of your websites through the client’s eyes. 

Free Auditing websites:

Tools can only get you so far. If you need the assistance of a web design company, our team at Blue Archer is here you help. We regularly perform site audits to help brands identify opportunities for improvement. Reach out to us today for a website audit. 


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