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 "LinkedIn now offers a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience."- Mike Grishavar, Product Management, Monetization, LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently dished out some great new features for brand pages, making things a bit more exciting, a bit more interactive, and most important: full of branding opportunity! Here are some of the things you know in order to give your LinkedIn business brand page a much needed face lift today:

  • Following in the foot steps of countless other social media platforms, LinkedIn has hopped on board the visual train. Brand pages now have a cover photo option (sound familiar? cough-Facebook-cough-Twitter)
  • Target audiences for your Company Status Updates.  LinkedIn's new company updates section has a refreshed feel. It now encourages you to share articles and ask questions to spark the viral conversation. If you are a page admin, you can easily target specific followers for your different status updates.Target by geography, job, industry etc in order to better communicate engaging resources for your followers. A recent internal LinkedIn study has shown that there is a 66% increase in audience engagement with target post updates.
  •  Want to know if your company updates are hitting home? After 24 hours, metrics for your specific posts will appear in a grey font below your update. Don't worry; these are only visible as an admin of the page.
  • Company pages are now Mobile. That's right. Previously, you could only search for people using the LinkedIn mobile app, but now companies appear as well.  This means your followers and perspective customers or clients can tap into your resources on the go. This should provide you with even more incentive to keep your company page clear, fresh, concise and engaging.

LinkedIn can be a crucial component of your businesses' social online presence. LinkedIn provides in-house metrics such as Followers Insights as well as Page Insights. To learn more about your company LinkedIn page, check out this link.

For more information on creating an integrated online identity for your business, contact the professionals at Blue Archer in Pittsburgh.

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