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For those of you who frequently read our blog (and we thank you!), you may have noticed something different as of today. We have finally made the switch from our 4 year old Blogger blog to our new on-site blog.

So why did we make the switch?

In 2010, it was just plain easy to create a Blogger blog. It seemed like the right solution, even for SEO at the time. We wanted external links pointing to our domain, and we would be able to craft the anchor text in the most strategic way possible to assist in the optimization of specific keywords and phrases.  

Fast-forward a couple years later, and the whole separate blog thing isn’t a best practice anymore.  But wait - we had hundreds of posts on that blog. It would take an incredible amount of effort to port all of the posts onto our own site. That was our mentality for a while, and it became less and less of a priority. 

Finally, about a month ago, we started to make the switch. We ported over the blog content using one of Blogger’s ancient features, and we programmed an on-site blog. Was it easy? Hell no! We spent hours cleaning up layouts, fonts, and styles that haphazardly ported over. It was a massive task.

But, we’re happy to say that after a lot of hard work, we finally have our on-site blog live.  

Let’s check out the benefits we will now experience thanks to the blog switch:


"Thanks, Mom"

  • We get to inherit the authority of our parent site. Our Blue Archer domain, which is 15 years old, now directly influences the SEO of our blog.

Sweet Tweet

  • Social mentions that our blog now generates on social media platforms will reflect well on the rest of the pages on our website, including crucial service and portfolio pages.

Easy Button

  • The overall site-user experience for exploring our blog is now significantly more fluid. Before, a user would need to find one of our back links to our Blue Archer site from within a post in Blogger. Now, the main navigation across our site gives users access to our blog and the rest of our site simultaneously. 

King Content

  • We all know content is king. We have now added almost 300 pages of high quality, keyword rich content to our Blue Archer domain. 

Instead of following in our footsteps, skip to the final step and switch over to an on-site blog now! Trust us, it is well worth the time.  Need blog help? That’s something we can help you with.  Shoot us a message in the quick form below, or give us a ring

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