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Kudos if you’re reading this in real-time. It’s 2pm (EST) on the Friday before the Memorial Day long weekend and you’re still actively trying to learn. 


You deserve a day off. Take Monday off; it’s on me. 

While you might have been winding down this week in anticipation of picnics, backyards, and beer, the tech-world wasn’t skipping a beat. This week we cover ad updates for both Pinterest and Twitter and a new technology that transforms human skin into a computer.

Objective-Based Campaign Advertising on Twitter

Previously in beta, Twitter has officially released a new advertising opportunity, which will allow advertisers to only foot the bill for the actions that are directly related to their marketing goals. 

What does this mean for marketers? Simply put, the 140 character giant has made it easier for you to not waste money on consumer actions that are meaningless for your biz. You can now choose from 6 objectives, and Twitter will help you create the best format to fit that specific goal. Think: website clicks campaign vs. follow campaign, etc. If you choose to go for a website clicks campaign, all other actions would be free (follow, account views, favorites, etc). 

Once you launch your targeted campaigns, you can optimize according to the analytics. 

2 words: better ROI.

Get the tweetails, here.

Pinterest Launches New Video Ads

And they are calling them “cinematic pins” because they fancy, huh .

The new ads will move as a user scrolls, and when the user stops scrolling, the video will stop. They fit seamlessly into the other pins, but as you can imagine, grab the attention a little better than their static counterparts. Don’t worry. They are muted!

Like Twitter, the crowdsourced image platform has also reimagined how their advertising works. Marketers will now be able to target the cinematic pins to specific people. Brands can choose interests and even personas. 

If you’re an app developer, you’re in luck too. Pinterest also debuted App Pins, which have a button to download the app without leaving the native platform. 

Read more about Pinterest’s “well, let’s make ourselves more money with better ads” epiphany, here.


Electronic skin makes your body a computer

Forget wearables, this tiny patch transforms your skin into computer. 

Say what?

Professor John Rogers has developed a patch that attaches to your temple and tracks brainwaves. This isn’t brand new technology, but it is the first of its kind to be so small and transient. Similar technologies include cumbersome, heavy helmets that can only be used in a lab setting. This patch is portable and safe for longer wear. 

This is huge for the medical field. Think: seizures sleep disorders, etc. This technology also works for other fields. Prior to the brain, this biostamp technology was utilized on other body parts.  Reebok picked it up to assess the impact from particular sports. L’Oreal said “we want it too” to analyze the hydration of skin.  There are limitless possibilities for this mini-brain tracker. 

The technology raises some questions, though:

"We need to ensure that these devices ultimately help people to live healthy lives and make better decisions. Are doctors going to look at them remotely, or will they allow lifestyle modification without a doctor? How do we build an approach in which people change their lives based on the information their getting?"

- Professor Todd Coleman

Use your normal epidermis finger read more, here

That's all I have for you today. Have an awesome long weekend, and hit us up on Twitter if you want to chat tech, social, marketing, biz, food, etc.

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