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Today's Friday Tech review is short, sweet and everything social.

Google Photos Breaks Free of Google+, Now Offers Free Unimited Storage

You know when you read the last sentence of a novel and it gives the whole thing away? That's what that headline just did.

If you're like me, you once travled abroad and then through a string of unfortunate tech-related events, lost your photos from said trip. Google wants you to have a safe and secure place to back up your photos, and here is the kicker, fo’ free! Remember when we told you about the split of Google+? This is the result. Google wanted to pull out the photo sharing feature, and build a product around that, instead of having photos play a role in a larger social network.  

Images you take on the iPhone will automatically back up to Google Photos app where you will be abe to sort by day, month, event, etc.

Update your iPhone for the first time since '12, and read more, here

Facbook is Finally Displaying GIFS

But don't worry, normal-personal-Facebook-useallowed to use rs-of-the-world, your favorite brand won't be able to abuse and overuse GIFS on Facebook yet. Brand pages are still shut out from the update. Then again, it''s only a matter of time.

Previously, if you wanted to make a GIF appear on Facebook, you had to use a third-party workaround. Now, all you have to do is drop a link to a GIF from any online source — Giphy, Imgur, Tumblr, etc. — into the Facebook update box and the GIF will appear as a preview. 

Oddly enough, at this point if you upload a GIF directly to Facebook, it won't display the automation. Because that would make all too much sense, Facebook. 

Post your favorite "Really?" GIF, and read up, here.

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