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With the popularity of smart phones increasing, it is becoming more important for companies to build a mobile version of their site. There are a couple of important factors to keep in mind while designing and building a mobile site. Here are a few key points.

One difference to consider is that not all mobile consumers are using keywords while searching. There are now apps, such as Google Goggles and Voice Search, which allow a different experience for searching on the mobile web. Also, the search context might be different, so some users might be using different keywords while searching on their mobile phone. For instance, if a consumer was searching for a coupon on his phone, he might enter the search terms "coupon that can be scanned from phone" instead of desktop searchers that would most likely use "printable coupon". These slight differences are important to consider when optimizing your mobile site. That is why it is recommended to include mobile keyword research while designing your site.

Another aspect of your mobile site to consider is that, just like your desktop website, loading times can have a huge impact on whether a consumer will stay or immediately leave your site. The suggested load time for mobile sites is around 2 seconds. This is shorter than your average load time for desktop websites, but consumers tend to have less patience while searching on their mobile devices.

It is also important to note that you will want to have less content on your mobile site so that it does not appear cluttered or difficult for the consumer to read. Including page tabs is one way to keep your content organized by distributing your content over several mobile web page tabs. However, it is still important to include your target keywords in the main headings and title tags to maintain your SEO efforts to gain visibility in search results. Overall, you should focus your mobile site to be very user friendly, while still including SEO techniques to improve your visibility. Here at Blue Archer, a Pittsburgh web design company, we offer many services, including mobile website designs and applications.

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Comments (2)

seo reseller

04/27/2012 01:53 PM

Those are very good points you brought up. A lot of attention really has to spent on the little details. With mobile and regular browsing being so different, it will be the nitty gritty aspects that will determine if a mobile site attracts attention of remains obscure.

Austin marketing

04/27/2012 01:35 PM

This has been long overdue, companies should come to terms with the fact that mobile internet is at its notch and should therefore develop mobile sites so as to have that competitive edge. Thank you for this post and I hope that this will go a long way in helping companies develop their mobile sites.

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