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We all know by now that adding quality-rich images to a website will not only add to the overall design and user experience but also enhance SEO opportunities using alt tags. Images are a necessity for the success of any kind of website including blogs.

But, where should we be getting these images? Most people will scramble through a quick Google Image search for image population purposes. However, that can actually get a site-editor in hot water faster than you can say...copyright. Many of those images are copyrighted material and not meant for public exchange and use. Chances are, unless you have a hugely popular site, you wouldn't get nailed with a lawyer's cease and desist letter. But who the heck wants to gamble with that idea in the first place?

The following is a list of some great free resources for website images:

  1. Creative Commons: Using this site, you can specify use for commercial purposes as well as permission to modify, adapt or build upon. Then, you can chose to search using a whole host of resources including Flickr, Google, Google Images, and many more.
  2. Stock.xchng: This is a self-described SXC friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to those who need them free of charge. These images are free for use on websites, just simply add a tag of its original location or author.
  3. Free Digital Photos: Well this is pretty self explanatory, no? This site provides free and premium stock photos for users to use in websites, advertising materials, and more.
  4. morgueFile: Weird name? Check. This is a resource that has super high quality images for free. The only drawback is the lack of extensive search results. Still, this can act as a great alternative for general image searches 
  5. Wikimedia Commons: This is a database with over 14 million free media files. It includes images, sounds and videos. Specify which kind of results you are looking for, and search away!
Below, is this post put into practice. I gleaned this image off Wikimedia Commons and then added the the red symbol over-top. How legal of me, right? Well, yes; it really was. 

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