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How To Use Vine for Marketing

By now you may have heard of this totally new app that just came out at the end of January as a new component of Twitter; it's called Vine. Just as Twitter condenses updates to 140 characters or less, this app forces users to constrains tiny video clips into just 6 seconds. It sounds daunting, but many brands have already used this video sharing platform to create some really quirky and cool marketing.

Don't swing aimlessly in the trees when it comes to marketing with the new app, Vine. Just because it happens to be a more creative sharing opportunity doesn't mean that you should hop on the Vine (I'm sorry...these word puns are just too easy) without thinking. As is the case with any social media marketing, strategy is the most important component here.

Here are some things to avoid:

- lack of focus (it can't be 6 seconds of random content leaving viewers wondering what the heck they just viewed and why they can't get those 6 seconds back)

- too much content (it's 6 seconds, people... don't force too many different video clips into your final montage)

That being said, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing about this app if I didn't think it didn't have great marketing potential.  So, here are some possibilities to focus on:

Promote a New Product/Service

Most obviously, a company can easily implement Vine marketing by taking some video clips of a new product or service. It's easy if you product actually complete a task, but what if you are selling a more static product like a shoe? Think outside the box! Create a video of that shoe walking... or better yet.... moon-walking?

Be Transparent

Fortune 500 company or small start-up: Either way, people want to know who you are! I mean really who you are. A video of an employee doing something goofy (goofy... not highly inappropriate or illegal) can help to solidify a more personal and approachable element of your brand identity. New office? Why not put together a few clips of the gorgeous work space and create an abbreviated tour for your viewers?

Use Sound

The app defaults to a mute setting (can you imagine how annoying opening these clips would be if the sound were automatically turned on? Good call, Vine).  However, that doesn't mean you can't implement audio elements into your clip. Heck, it can be audio-focused if you'd like. When users see your lips moving, they'll probably be able to connect the dots and turn on the sound button in the upper right hand corner.

HubSpot did a nice job of gathering some great Vine products from various brands. View them here. They also put together a nice video on tips to create beautiful Vine videos

Here is a front-runner in our eyes for most creative:

How have you used Vine for your own personal needs? How have you used it for marketing? To promote your small business? Please share your experiences in the comments section :)

For more information on other social media marketing strategies and campaigns, contact Blue Archer in Pittsburgh.

Carla Rosemarino

Internet Marketing Analyst


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