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5 Tips for Doubling Your Blog Traffic

We all have struggled with providing detailed content with no acknowledgment. How do we go from thinking we are doing everything right to seeing an increase in readers? These 6 tips will optimize your platform and help it to perform better than ever before. 

Whether your blog is there to compliment your website and drive traffic or used for monetizing your knowledge, everyone will hit a plateau in success eventually. This is the time to reevaluate your blogging strategy. 

It’s not always about the content, but rather the engagement with your readers on the platforms they use. During these dark times, this is where you need to shake things up a bit. Keep the energy and motivation high because if these aspects lack then your content will suffer and you’ll create a deeper hole for yourself. 

Its time regrow your blogging traffic with various content marketing strategies discussed below. This may seem tedious but remember how you felt when you were at your all-time high with loads of traffic. We are here to recreate that feeling once more.  


1. Content strategy

First, why do you have a content strategy? If you don’t, you need one. It’s important to emphasize your goal early on in your blogging career to inform your readers why you are creating content. It is never too late to start but do so before you are committed to other things.

Create a content calendar for the month. What topics with you discuss? This allows you to have more free time writing and engaging with your readers. 

Establishing your purpose is a bigger deal than you think. This will help you to understand the greater purpose of why you are dedicating many hours to a journal you don’t even know will be seen. This will aid in feeling mini-success as your traffic begins to grow. 

2. Connect with your readers

Spending time on the platforms that your reads spend their time on is important for targeting your market. Researching which demographics and psychographics you want to attract is vital to establishing a goal in readership.

To impress your readers, you need to write content that will help them. Appeal to your readers by engaging with them on other platforms so it gives them no choice but to check out what you offer. 
There’s no need to promote your blog on every social network but to engage with the ones that bring you the best results and appeal to your niche. This is where you need to experiment to see which platform gives you the best ROI (return on investment). 

3. Bloggers are friends

We all have those blogs we read that inspire us to broaden our blogs approach. By submitting a guest pitch to these larger scope blogs, you can drive traffic simply through eWOM.

Make a spreadsheet of the blogs you feel you should guest-star on and then begin networking. Bloggers love to promote other bloggers because it gains credibility for one and exposure for the other. 

4. Participate

You should actively participate in blogger groups or forums so other bloggers know you’re there. There are many benefits to participating in the professional word: Ideas, strategies, perfecting your message, audience awareness, and more. 

Start with joining a group that fits your general topic. Facebook has ample groups to join along with many other websites with a large group following. If you are ready to change your blog topic or introduce a new segment, start with joining these groups to see what’s happening. 

This will build ideas and grow your network.

5. Email list

Email lists are great for directly engaging with users and subscribers. This is a great strategy for beginners. You need to suck new users in and sign up for your emails. You can directly deliver new blog post and messages straight to their mailbox rather than them having to search for you. 

You can offer something in return for their email address. People love incentives and this tactic is bound to be beneficial. 

All in all, your blog represents your personality. This is also how you should market your content, through engaging with new readers and platforms to show them why they should pay attention to what you say. 

Does your blog page need to be upgraded? Blue Archer can assist you with a redesign. 

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