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Vimeo: More Than A Social Platform

Vimeo is no longer a competitor to YouTube.  It is a successful service company - allowing businesses to prosper through storage and collaboration. This high-class platform has a lot to offer that differentiates itself from YouTube.

What is Vimeo

Vimeo offers multiple plans that allow a business to store and share creative projects. It is more than a viewing tool, but rather a place to collaborate like slack and skype. 

Most importantly, there are no ads. 


Vimeo is not dependant on ads to drive their revenue. You may have to pay to get a great service, but you won't be bombarded by numerous repetitive ads. 


Vimeo reported revenue growth of nearly 25% in the first quarter and now has just under a million paying subscribers for its tools and services.

Video used to be a glamorous Hollywood thing. It is now easily accessible and many are becoming influencers and reality modules. This tool is perfect for businesses to promote their need for marketing and communication through video. 

Online Strategy

Some small businesses have a great need to utilize video to communicate information across a platform but don't know how to do it. They aren't famous, nor an influencer, or trying to get on the trending page. They are just trying to grow your business. 

You don't have to be a huge and powerful company to have your own channel. 

Last year, Vimeo began producing stock videos, like Getty images for pictures. This helped with copyright revenue and licensing. 

IAC (InterActiveCorp)

IAC is the movement behind Vimeo as well as other known internet services such as Match, Tinder, and Angie's List.
Vimeo could potentially be spun off into another corp as well. This is a very interesting quality of IAC as they have a positive track record with respect to merging opportunities. 

In Vimeo's case, they aren't trying to manifest brand awareness but rather change the awareness of the brand. 

We challenge you to try the free trial of Vimeo and the uses you can optimize through the platform. 

Check out our blog on Youtube to discover the difference. 

Vimeo Business: how to create amazing videos from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

Looking to implement Video into your website? Contact Blue Archer for a consultation. 


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