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The Basics Of Website Content

Website Content Tips For Clients.

You just signed the contract for your new website, a must-have for your company's digital presence, and you are now officially dreading your role as the content collector.

This, my friends, will be the biggest challenge for most clients. While you may have enjoyed writing classes in college or high school, you are not quite sure even where to begin. 

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Selecting Fonts & Color Schemes

Designing for the web.

While some people may have been more exposed to other areas of art, allowing them to have an 'eye for design', other times it is just a matter of studying the craft better.

As a web design company, we want to point out a few of the basics to keep your website looking good. 

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Brace Yourself For Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon 2015

On April 21st, Google is going to pull a move that has recently been nicknamed the "mobilegeddon." Mobile-friendliness will now impact rank which can affect your website if you are behind on the times. 

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10 Tips for Writing Captivating Content

If you are having trouble reaching and retaining your target audience follow these helpful writing tips to elevate your content and captivate your readers.

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A Glimpse Into Social Media Success Summit 2014

A Glance Into Social Media Success Summit 2014

If you follow our Twitter handle, @BlueArcherPGH, you may already know that we have been attending the Social Media Success Summit 2014 by Social Media Examiner. It is an online conference that spans the course of 4 weeks with over 45 industry speakers. 

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