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Design With Textures

In the world of design, we see a lot of flat space and colors. Change it up with texture! People often seek out different textures to create depth, but don’t confuse patterns with textures since they are widely different. 

Textures vs. Patterns

A pattern is small and repeats itself, while textures don’t repeat. Hence, the difference in design. Some patterns appear like textures, but if they repeat then they are not a texture. Textures are unique in respect to never repeating, therefore can never be a pattern. 

Textures can add depth to buttons or even separate content. 

Take a look at 8 different cool textures to grab your audience’s attention: 


Smooth, skin like textures can add spice to your design while keeping it sleek. Leather textures resemble snakeskin as well as any shiny smooth surface. 


This texture creates a raw look that could truly amplify any project, given the right details. 


Wood resembles a rustic, homegrown look that could resonate with any user. You can grab inspiration from rough or even polished objects within your own home. Think about color, pattern, grain, and even stain. 


Who doesn’t love brick textures? Some may confuse this as a pattern since walls repeat, but every brick is different and can truly be seen on websites. Rustic textures like walls and bricks give off the historic aura that hits home with most users and even designers.


Raw and spectacular when it comes to glitter’s performance. However, it only works on specific occasions and it’s important to get this right. If done wrong, glitter has the potential to look tacky. When done right, glitter embellishes. 


We typically associate metallic with edgy or even modern design. Using metallic textures strengthens industrial spaces and just works! 


Liquid textures such as water or bubbles offer different dynamics. From waves to ripples, you can intensify calm landscapes or ratify a tropical experience. 


Organic textures like grass and flowers make your site flourish! No serious they look natural and tend to be warm and inviting. Ideal for interior designers and landscapers. 

If you want to implement unique textures on your site, contact Blue Archer for a consultation. 

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