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Why You Should be Using Custom Google Analytics Dashboards

Google Analytics is a powerful data tool that gives insight into who visits your website. dashboards give a compiled view of content items. All of our websites are launched with it, and if you're a beginner you may want to start our with our 'Quick and Dirty Guide to Google Analytics'.

Custom dashboards may help more advanced users focus on compiling data from sections of their analytics that they most frequently track. 

The Set-Up

Whether your focus is on social, content, mobile or all three, you can set-up an easy custom dashboard using basic Google Analytics tools. For more complex analysis, Blue Archer's Google Certified team can review your company goals and make data-backed suggestions based on dashboards we create. 

Creating Your Dashboard

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics
  2. Navigate to your view
    Google Analytics View
  3. Open Reports
  4. Click Customization> Dashboards
    Google Analytics Dashboard
  5. Click +New Dashboard
  6. You have the option to start with a starter template, blank canvas, or import a dashboard entirely
  7. Give your Dashboard a descriptive title, then click Create Dashboard

Adding Widgets

You can display your Google Analytics data using various widgets listed below on the Dashboard. For example, you may want to use a pie chart to describe what devices users are visiting your website on. 

  • Metric
  • Timeline
  • Geomap
  • Table
  • Pie
  • Bar

Helpful Templates

You can also select from pre-made templates for a custom dashboard.

General Analytics Dashboard

  • Unique visitors
  • Unique visitors from SEO, social media
  • How people find your website: organic, referral, direct
  • Top keywords (non-branded)
  • Top viewed pages
  • Social networks sending the most traffic
  • Referral websites (excludes major websites like Google and social networks)

Geography Analytics Dashboard 

  • Visits by city
  • Visits by state
  • Visits by continent
  • Cities with slow load times

Mobile Analytics Dashboard

  • What % of visitors are mobile
  • What mobile devices they’re using
  • Top mobile content
  • Top Ipad content
  • Top iPhone content
  • Average time on site for mobile visitors
  • Bounce rate by mobile device
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