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Why Your Responsive Website Matters For SEO

Why Your Responsive Website Matters For SEO

We have all heard the panic regarding mobilegeddon in 2015, but will 2016 see a similar update? 

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Schema Markup For Your Search Listings

Schema Markup For Your Website

Search engine optimization has been on the minds every developer (and business owner) for quite some time now. We optimized our meta data and live and die by the mantra that 'content is king'. 

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How Will Apple's iOS 9 Platform Change Marketing & Local SEO?

Apple's iOS 9 Platform

Fall is the time of year for bonfires, boots, crunchy leaves, and a slew of pumpkin flavored advertising for products that taste more like nutmeg than the fruit (fact check, it is a fruit not a veggie) in question.

What is even better than cool nights and low humidly? Apple will be releasing their iOS 9 update which is big news for those in the industry. 

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Brace Yourself For Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon 2015

On April 21st, Google is going to pull a move that has recently been nicknamed the "mobilegeddon." Mobile-friendliness will now impact rank which can affect your website if you are behind on the times. 

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Construct Your Digital Brand From The Ground Up

Construct you digital brand

When building your digital brand, treat the process like home construction. Start with a rock-solid foundation, then put up the framework, before you know it you will be putting on the final touches. 

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