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How To Increase Conversions and Decrease Decision Fatigue

Make your website easier to say "yes" by decreasing options and decision fatigue for your customers. People face endless decisions throughout their day, and ultimately get discouraged. Don't let your website add to the stress by following these helpful tips. 

Every wonder through the grocery store down the dressing isle... Why are there so many? This is a constant struggle for many consumers in every market. Unfortunately, it results in patterned buying behavior typically benefiting your competitors. Let's change this!

Take a look at Netflix - have you ever counted the number of romcoms and thrillers there were? Way too many and somehow there is nothing you want to watch. This is what we call decision fatigue. 

Not only does this level of context switching pick apart our focus, but each of those decisions to switch tasks eats into our willpower a little bit. Eventually, we hit what’s called decision fatigue: Where our lack of energy and focus leads to making poor decisions. This is a problem. 


This is the opposite of what you want to happen on a website. It can do MAJOR damage to your conversion rate as this isn't a simple minor frustration. It's a constant issue and can ultimately ruin your ROI in many cases. 

Common factors that can be damaging your conversion rate:

  • too much information
  • overload of options
  • similar options
  • lack of differentiation

Clear up Navigation

Grocery stores and large retailers like Macy's often come across this problem. Too many navigation options for essentially the same products. Of course, people approach these markets typically looking for a variety of options in return for an abundance of information. 

When it comes to large retailers, there is usually a lot happening: sales, promotions, departments, customer service, etc. It is good to have these specific things but the organization is still the main focus. Do not distract the user or they will leave!

In this case, focus on data. Why are people approaching your website and what is there overall conversion? If certain tabs aren't used then create an approach to dimish them and use that space for good. Vague options are the culprit of bounce rates. People have limited time to ponder a "discover" section of your website if your primary goal is to sell a can of soup or even overalls. Plan around your interactive map.

Just One (or two)

Yes, people go crazy for deals and steals! What they don't go crazy for is thinking they are picking the wrong one when there are 5 others present on the site. Sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Bed Bath and Beyond pride themselves on the lowest prices and sales. Unfortunately, this has the ability to create anxiety for the consumer because they could feel ripped off.

Knowing the store always has a deal/discount ready for them is nice, but when 5 promotions are on the website taking over the whole page then this can be overwhelming. 

Even if the offers don't conflict you should still stick to one, maybe two offers to present to viewers to focus on. If the offer is special, they will take the time to read it. Don't overwhelm them with 5 and expect them to read every detail - this results in returns/exchanges and angry customer service emails. 

Show Recent Content

In terms of too much content, this reflects the same for content marketing. Show everyone what your company has to offer, but keep it relevant!

If you scored an amazing deal in the past then, of course, hsow it off. Displaying your high-quality content can be a phenomenal attribute to your websites; however, too many options can be offputting and too "in your face". 

This is especially relevant is much of your content looks similar. Differentiate and detail your work because it deserves the praise!

You can make this happen by having a recent post slider to allow your user to control their visuals all while making the effort to put it out there. 

Check out some of our recent work that follows these guidelines.

The Frick - Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Marathon


Let us know what you think!

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