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Search Engine Marketing is a field that has rapidly grown in the past few years, largely due to the growth of Google. For the first time, website developers and clients alike have found a common measuring stick to determine the efficiency of their online marketing and of their web presence alike. Even the best website technology is of limited value if your goal is to attract new customers or constituents online, and no one can locate your website. This is the quandary that search engine optimization (SEO) is meant to resolve, and which multitudes of companies have been started to address.

There are several primary areas of SEO work, these include website content "loading" and optimization so search engines can properly index your site, link building (setting up links on related websites or directories that link back to your website), and ongoing "semi-traditional" marketing efforts that complement an increased online profile, such as [online] press releases, blogs, etc.

But one area that consistently eludes traditional SEO consultants is the technical aspect of your website. The "nuts and bolts" that make a website function are also critically important in achieving the best possible search engine rankings. But the traditional method of SEO consulting involves a review of the website only AFTER the website has been completed. So it is very common for consultants to submit an often lengthy list of technical issues with a website, without any clear way to resolve these issues.

There are several reasons for this issue: customers often don't think to engage an SEO firm prior to building their website, or many times the website pre-dates the desire or financial readiness of a firm to conduct online marketing. Not least of these issues is that firms that only conduct SEO or have limited website programming or development resources often lack the expertise to even suggest the proper technical changes or architectures for their clients' needs. The reason for this is that hiring a maintaining programming competency is quite expensive, and requires an [often expensive] organizational commitment.

At Blue Archer, we perceived this problem several years ago, and began developing our SEO and online marketing competencies. This evolution occurred in parallel with the growth of Google and other search engines, as well as the desire of our extensive local client base to take advantage of this online growth opportunity. But to give our clients the best possible competitive advantage, we quickly realized that we needed to improve our Content Management System AccuCMS.

The result of this integrated internal effort is the current evolution of AccuCMS. So what specifically have we done in order to ensure our clients have all the tools they need to succeed?

Here are some of the highlights of the SEO-aware and optimal AccuCMS system.

Static Pages: Our CMS produces actual static pages (not dynamic). This is critical, as it allows search engines to properly index our content.

Streamlined HTML: No table tags, only divs. No excessive or "bloated" HTML constructions. This means less characters of code, and this means more of your actual content makes it to the Google Search Database, without being masked by pages of bloated code.

SEO-optimized E-Commerce, Image Galleries, and other modules: Our E-commerce and other modules are designed to produce static pages, but also to produce those pages using the most effective naming conventions for your identified search terms. The outcome is that the search engines will give your pages the highest possible ranking due to these descriptive page names. Best of all, no work is involved for the client except in naming and identifying your products or services clearly in your site manager.

Full control over your content: Not to be forgotten is that our CMS system allows you (or our online marketing consultants) to immediately add or update content, images, keywords, and even page names and titles to optimize every page of your website.

Google Analytics and other tracking integration: Our CMS supports the easy integration of Google Analytics into any page of your site without any programming.

SEO-Optimal Custom programming: Since we're not only experts in Online Marketing, but also have extensive custom programming experience, our internal teams work together to develop custom code that's designed to enhance your online profile.

When new clients come to Blue Archer, they gain access to our accumulated knowledge and expertise of over 10 years creating websites on active CMS platforms for 300+ regional clients. We've taken the best ideas not only of our experts in the fields of technical development, marketing, and usability, but also those of our excellent and much-appreciated client base. It's this team that has developed the technology that we offer today.

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