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benefits of taking breaks at work

Feeling Overwhelmed?  Your first urge may be to tackle every single item on your list and not stop until you have completed your tasks. We all try it, but how often do we actually complete an entire list in one sitting?  

By taking an active break, we can increase our efficiency, decrease the overall time spent completing tasks, and improve the quality of our work. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Only 1 in 3 people take a lunch break - let alone multiple, calculated breaks throughout the day. 

Let’s have a closer look...

Walk the Walk.

As most of us know, our bodies have internal clocks. They help wake us up before noon (hopefully), and let us know when it’s time for us to get some rest. They also predetermine the best time for activity, according to a Fast Company article.  According to the article, the best time for physical performance (where performance is highest and risk for injury is lowest) is between 3 PM and  6 PM. Now – for most of us, we are in one of the following places: the office or our car. Guess what that means? Stand up, and get out from behind your desk. Taking a brisk 20 minute walk will reduce stress, improve mood and increase your brain function.

Snack Time

Your favorite time of day doesn’t have to end in grade-school. Aside from your lunch, keep some healthy snacks in your desk. Taking smaller snack breaks throughout the work day can help wake your body and mind up, increasing your alertness and even creativity.

  • Pumpkin seeds: help to enhance memory and overall thinking skills
  • Avocados: promote overall brain health
  • Almonds: help concentration
  • Leafy Greens: antioxidant-packed brain fuel

15 Seconds or Less

When you stare at a computer for over 8 hours per day, it can do a number on your eyesight. By taking 15 second breaks every 10 minutes, you can reduce your fatigue by up to 50%. So what do you do with 15 seconds? Stand up, stretch your neck, or close your eyes; look anywhere but your screen. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out now. If the weather isn't enticing enough for a walk around the block, try walking around the perimeter of your office. If you're tight on time, close your eyes for 15 seconds and stretch your neck. Small, strategic work-breaks will catapult your efficiency and leave you less stressed. Give it a shot.

Have any other tips for office breaks? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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