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Blue Archer Kennywood Day!

For many employees in the workplace, few emotions contrast more than Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. However, it seems that lately, perhaps corporate America might be turning around. Within the last 10 years, more and more attention has been dedicated towards creating an enjoyable work environment for employees. Companies now fight for a place on the Best Places to Work list. From elaborate cafeterias to built-in yoga studios, it seems that companies are molding their offices into self-sustaining resorts.

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1st Annual Social Media Outstanding Citizen (SMOC) Awards!

Well, it's award season for celebrities (isn't it?).  Since many of us will never have to prepare an acceptance speech for the Oscars, let alone a local talent contest, we at Blue Archer have decided to hold our first annual "Social Media Outstanding Citizen" Award show. The name was chosen mainly for the incredible acronym it forms. SMOC? That's catchy right? "SMOC award winner" - hey, we like it.

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