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4 Tips for Personal Content Creation

A hot trend running among digital marketers these days is content personalization.  As we see more and more businesses enter the online world via social media platforms and modern, trendy websites, personal content will be the key to attracting and maintaining followers. Here are 4 Tips for generating personal content for your business.

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10 Tips for Increasing Google+ followers

Attracting attention to your business’s Google+ page requires some tactics.  You can’t just post content and hope for engagement.  As Google+ because more and more integrated into an online business presence, you can leap ahead by adopting good habits now to attract more followers.

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The Generation of The Cloud

The technological transformation is helping give shape to a modern economy.  One of the most influential developments being cloud-based software and cloud computing.  Disrupting established employment practices and driving a period of incredible innovation are forcing the change.

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Incorporating Social Media into Marketing Effectively

Most businesses today have learned that incorporating social media into their business strategy is basically a given.  In a culture that outsources much of its energy into a social media environment, marketers must do the same in order to tap into the consumer network.

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Tips for Content Curation

 I believe it is safe to say that content curators pretty much rule the web.  In the words of Steven Rosenbaum, author of Curation Nation, “content curators are the new super heroes of the web.”  

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