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Construct Your Digital Brand From The Ground Up

Construct you digital brand

When building your digital brand, treat the process like home construction. Start with a rock-solid foundation, then put up the framework, before you know it you will be putting on the final touches. 

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Social Media Marketing Tools to be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving upon us it is time to take stock and reflect up on the things we are thankful for. If you are a social media marketer these tools can relieve some of your work load around the holidays, now that is something to be thankful for. 

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The Ins And Outs of Technical SEO

The Ins And Outs of Technical SEO  Blue Archer

You have just finished your internet masterpiece, only to find you barely made it to page 5 of Google's search results. No one has ever been to page 5 in the history of ever. This is where SEO comes into play.

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Google's Pigeon Algorithm

Google's Pigeon Algorithm

The new update addressed some issues with local search, but it seemed to pull the rug from underneath the hard efforts of SEO campaigns.

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Local SEO Is the Way To Go

We, as human creatures, have an innate instinct to engage with our community.  If you are a business owner, then you are looking to profit from this engagement. In order to gather attention from your locals, a smart place to start is with your website's local search optimization.  By initiating a local SEO, this will help your website come up higher in local search rankings. 

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