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Why Your Marketing Team Should Know How To Code

Marketing & Programming

So, times are changing, what can we expect next? As digital marketing merges with traditional marketing there is one skill we may all soon need to know. Coding. Not extensively, no one will ask you to design their newest app (maybe), but basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may soon be beneficial. 

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Making the Most of Winter with Marketing

Winter Marketing 2015

Pittsburgh is also known for its humid, hot summers and miserbly cold, snowy winters. With that being said, this past week we have experienced cancellations, school delays, work-from-home days, and less than diserable driving conditions. Instead of complaining about the cold, use this winter as an opportunity for marketing and community outreach. 

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How Building a Lexicon Can Improve Your Copywriting

A lexicon is a tool often used by novelist to bring their stories to life, you too can benifit from building an easy to reference lexicon that will improve your copywriting skills.

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On Color Psychology and Marketing

Color Infographic

One of the most interesting and creative aspects of marketing is analyzing the psychology of the correlation between color and persuasion.

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3 Tactics Every Marketer Should Know About to Master the Mind

            Cognitive bias is the technical term deemed for the quirks and flaws that go on in the human mind.  Cognitive bias is just another way of referencing irrational thought patterns.  Believe it or not, these flaws can seriously limit your m...

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