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CVS's New Approach to Healthcare

CVS's New Approach to Healthcare

On Friday September 5, CVS made an announcement that they were no longer selling cigarettes in their stores.  This is their motion for advocating a sustainable healthy life style.  

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The Success of Software Companies

In the digital age, one can guess that software companies must be growing at a very successful rate.

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Brand Proposition

Competitor advantage is the most highly valued trait in a brand as well as the hardest won. To distinguish oneself from another entity is an inherent trait that all of humanity has, and when it comes to branding, not only must it tell apart from other brands, it must stand out. A logo is a symbol that identifies. A business identity is the key ingredient to gain competitor advantage; people see the symbol of a business before anything else.

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Presentations with Poise

Data analysis is a very technical process. First we start out with a question, and we search for a way to answer that question by gathering data. We then observe that data and analyze whether or not we have found our answer. We always hope to find the answer, but often times with research; the answers are not always there… so we start again! Data research is an endless cycle, but when we finally do get to that ‘ah ha!’ moment, we rejoice

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Using a Press Release in the Age of Digital

Using a Press Release in the Age of Digital | Blue Archer

You may remember writing dozens of press releases in college to prepare yourself for your future work load -- only to find out that most of the marketing you do now is digital. So where does the press release fall in the age of digital advertising? Press releases are still crucial. They are direct marketing and involve free advertising if your topic is interesting or important enough. This keeps the media updated on what you are doing which in turn lets the community in on what is going on.

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