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7 Simple Strategies for Web Design

The design of your website sets the tone for your brand, your content, and your industry. Here are 7 simple strategies to help you create the best web design for your brand.

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Website Checklist: What a Successful Website Needs

Here are some things your business website absolutely must include if you are looking to have a successful, traffic-driving, site.

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Is Your Website Technology Hindering Your Online Marketing Efforts?

Search Engine Marketing is a field that has rapidly grown in the past few years, largely due to the growth of Google. For the first time, website developers and clients alike have found a common measuring stick to determine the efficiency of their online marketing and of their web presence alike.

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Color Scheme Facilitators: 3 Radiant Color Tools

From your business website, to your logo, from your printed brochure to your major billboard, one thing remains consistent: the colors you chose are incredibly important. Your brand colors and accent colors not only act as another medium for communication but also reflect your brand values to potential customers.

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A Picture's Worth 1000 words: Optimize Them All

A picture may be worth a thousand words...but unless you're optimizing those words for search engines, chances are those thousand words will be lost in translation.
Here's something some of you might know, and here's something that will shock some others: Search Engines can NOT see images. That's right. You could populate your site with images rivaling the beauty of an original Monet masterpiece, and search engines won't see a damn thing.

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