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A Picture's Worth 1000 words: Optimize Them All

A picture may be worth a thousand words...but unless you're optimizing those words for search engines, chances are those thousand words will be lost in translation.
Here's something some of you might know, and here's something that will shock some others: Search Engines can NOT see images. That's right. You could populate your site with images rivaling the beauty of an original Monet masterpiece, and search engines won't see a damn thing.

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Local Search Optimization Made Easy

Looking ahead to 2013, much of the Internet marketing buzz is circulating around local search. This is great news for local small businesses, because it means that the small guys can finally get some love from search engines!  One of the best ways to ensure that local customers and businesses recognize your brand is to focus on local online business listings. 

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2012 in Rewind: A Look Back on Memorable Marketing Moments

Happy New Year, everyone! As we transition into 2013, it is no surprise that we are looking ahead to new goals for the new year. However, future trends in Internet marketing are largely contingent on past changes and trends in the industry. For a quick recap of Internet marketing, we like nothing more than this information-packed, nostalgia-inducing infographic from HubStop.

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Twitter Introduces Negative Keyword Targeting

Recently, Twitter has come up with a new way to enhance the effectiveness of Twitter advertisements for online markers and small business owners looking for an increased visibility on the social platform.  Now advertisers have the functionality to add "negative keywords" to their Twitter advertising strategy with Promoted Tweets. What does this mean? A more defined niche, of course. Negative keywords mean that advertisers can exclude certain keywords in order to define more clearly which audience they would like to target.

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5 Online Tools For Businesses

As a small business owner, a large business owner, a CEO, or an entry level employee, we all know that efficiency is key to any job description. From NPO's to corporate juggernauts, if you aren't being prudent with your time, you are wasting money.  That being said, here are 5 online tools that will - without a doubt - make your work life easier, save you time, and relieve stress.

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