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Web Design & Development

And you thought all that went into your website was a great design? Buckle up.

Our web design process ensures a comprehensive fusion of business objectives, content management needs, and brand presentation. - all driven by a unifying strategy. Dedicated project managers keep projects running smoothly and on schedule by keeping everyone informed through all stages of the project. We've been doing this since 1999, so each website is built to be modular and flexible with functionality scaled to meet your goals. 

Wireframing & Prototyping

As the blueprints for your site, wireframes and prototypes provide a high-level representation of the design and content needs. They are also a crucial design process milestone. Making changes and revisions at this stage in the project helps to cut down on costs down the road.   

Logo & Branding

Your brand isn’t just your logo. But your logo is a huge part of your brand. Work with a team that understands how your logo, typography, message, and interactive design work together to meet your business goals. That’s us, by the way. 

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User Experience Design

User-experience design is more than art. It’s about creating a solution. The goal of user-centered design is to make the user’s interaction as straightforward and efficient as possible. So yes, you will love your website. But your customers will love it more. 

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Content Management System

A secure, high quality CMS is the key to a flexible website that grows with your company. Our years of experience ensure we’re equipped to select and implement the CMS platform that best meets your needs so you can edit and modify your site without the help of your web team. Our rapid development framework is quick to install, and code is freely available for you to host, modify, and build on as you see fit.

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Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a balancing act. You build your website for humans, but it also needs to serve search engine spiders that crawl and index your site. Our approach to search engine optimization is comprehensive. So yes, we’ll do the keywords and the metadata. But it’s our work beyond the basics that yields the best results.  Interested in local SEO? We have licensed API data that directly controls the listings of over 55 online directory listings.

Learn more about search engine marketing.

Measurement & Evaluation

More traffic simply isn’t enough. You need better traffic.  The best way to determine the success of your website is to measure custom goals and conversions based on your business objectives. Our Google Analytics certified team analyzes your traffic and makes recommendations for improvement. 

Learn more about leveraging analytics or view our packages

Support & Maintenance

Whether you accidentally deleted a page, or you just have a question, our help desk means you are never left stranded. We're available from 9am-5pm for all of your support requests. Still anxious? Free CMS training and optional add-on maintenance packages have you covered. Bottom line: we're here to help throughout the entire life of your website. 

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Security & Hosting

Yes, there is such a thing as secure, reliable hosting. Highest possible uptime and performance, file backup and restores, and dedicated virtual server options. We provide all the software, hardware and know-how required to run your website. You know, so you can focus on running your business.

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