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When it comes to advertising, we mainly think about print and online platforms. What about airplanes? With businesses sending employees throughout the world, thousands of miles a day, they are bound to ponder the pocket of the seat right in front of them…Now that’s a lot of eyes. 

Think about all the times you’ve flown in the past few years. It could only be a few or even weekly. Now, think about the number of times you have gotten antsy or bored enough to look at the brochures and magazines the airline provides to you. 

A lot can be said for the brands that advertise in these magazines because they are thinking beyond the numbers and market in front of them.

Let’s look at a few numbers…

TSA says that, on average, it screens 2.1 million to 2.2. million passengers and crew nationwide per day. Those numbers are likely to swell by 25 percent or more on many days around Thanksgiving. 

During the 21-day Christmas travel season, 51 million passengers are expected to fly on U.S.-based airlines, representing a 3.5% increase over the same period last year

Year-round, U.S. carriers averaged about 2.3 million passengers per day. So Friday’s projected total means that if you’re flying that day you can expect about 550,000 more people joining you aloft than would be the case on an average day in 2017.

Now, of course, if you are an experienced flyer you know to bring enough materials to keep you occupied during the entire trip. Specifically, those traveling for business, you are there for work and not play, therefore don’t have the most open mindset. So, you might ponder the airline magazine/pamphlets the first or second time you fly and they will stay away. 

Holiday travelers are your new best friend. This heavy flow of travelers is not only eager to get to their destination, but they are easily frustrated. If you have made it through the airport during the holidays without seeing or experiencing a complication then go buy a lottery ticket, because you deserve it!

This influx of consumers might have prepared for their flight, but anything can happen and disrupt those plans. These passengers are much more likely to browse the area around them and look at the materials in the back of the seat. This is where you come in.

Next time you fly, look at the brands advertising in the magazine and see how they attract new consumers. You will see multiple ads that firmly grasp your attention and ones that don’t. For those that do, most of the consumers have never heard of them before. This is most likely to happen when people are traveling to newer destinations. Some ads are catered to specific areas.

Free Wi-Fi? Kind of…

Airlines are smart to provide their own Wi-Fi to passengers who did not pay for premium. However, the airline is strictly in charge of what each consumer sees. So, although it is free the resources are limited to southwest supported brands and entertainment. 

Become friends with these brands and get your name out there. As I said, they limit the number of resources available to the free public so get in there and provide an experience for the passengers while on their flight.

Keep it interesting

This isn’t the time to post a normal ad we can see every day in the newspaper. This audience is up in the air for multiple hours with minimal internet and music choice available.

This is your time to wow them and keeps them engaged until after the flight when they can properly look you up on the web.

It’s a challenge and advantage all in one. 

Looking to make your site mobile friendly for on the go users? Contact Blue Archer today. 

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