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Email Signatures for Professionals

It’s time to discuss what makes the perfect signature. This request is one of the designer’s worst nightmares. This little blurb means a lot to those receiving your memos. For some, more information is needed while others reflect simplicity. What does your signature say about you? 


These 5 tips are suggestions for the best signature to represent your brand, which is you. 

1. Irrelevant information

Signatures are meant to be simple and straight to the point. There isn’t space for you to tell everyone your favorite color or quote from a movie. It’s simply an area to address additional contact information. 

However, business professionals in corporate environments and contemporary entrepreneurs might have different branding mindsets. Therefore, pick a theme that works for you. If you want to attract your recipient with a saying, then go for it. Just make sure to be ready to justify your decision. 

2. Sizing

Does your signature take up half the email? There is no need for your signature to be oversized and obnoxiously big. Your signature should also not be so tiny your recipient must zoom just to read it. 

Take a step back and check the size of your signature. If you feel it looks too big, then it most likely is. It is always great to get a second opinion. 

Remember sizing on computers is different from phone screens. It is important to be device compatible. 

3. Visual

Include a profile picture or a logo. People are more likely to remember faces than your fax number. 

This visual identifies your brand as well as add some personalization to the email. 

4. Colors

When it comes to coloring signatures, use complementary colors. They are pleasing on the eye and offer a harmonious aesthetic. 
Look up the best pairs of colors for your personality. 

5. Tools

Adobe Photoshop or sketch offer great elements to not only design your signature but provide layouts as suggestions. 

You can personalize your design and add elements that make your signature stand out from the rest.

Looking to design a universal brand signature for your business? Contact Blue Archer for design assistance. 

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