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Twitter Advanced Search: Are Your Tweets Searchable?

Sure, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! account for most of the searches site-users type on a daily basis. If you have taken the necessary steps to optimize your website, than you are most likely appearing in front of these searchers. 

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Excluding an IP Address From Google AdWords

Pay Per Click ads can be strategic assets to many keyword and internet marketing campaigns. However, these PPC initiatives come at a cost (this should shock few, seeing as the word pay is indeed within the name). 

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Website Checklist: What a Successful Website Needs

Here are some things your business website absolutely must include if you are looking to have a successful, traffic-driving, site.

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Utalkin to me, Utopic?

I have discovered a great solution to a pressing problem. Perhaps it is just me, but I certainly find the whole old school "bookmarking" thing a bit tedious and annoying.

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Hats off to "White Hat" Search Engine Optimization

"#1 rank for any keyword in 7 days!" . We've all come across ludicrous promises like this one from time to time when researching search engine optimization tactics and services, right? We know it's impossible to fulfill such claims while maintaining a sense of site content-integrity. 

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