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Blue Archer's Top Blogs Of 2015

Thanks to Google Analytics, and some investigation, we uncovered our most read blogs of 2015. Read on and stay tuned for even more tutorials, news, and updates for 2016.

1. Using a Press Release in the Age of Digital

Using a Press Release in the Age of Digital | Blue Archer

You may remember writing dozens of press releases in college to prepare yourself for your future work load -- only to find out that most of the marketing you do now is digital. So where does the press release fall in the age of digital advertising?

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2. Bootstrap 4 Alpha: The Need To Know

Bootstrap 4 Alpha

On its 4th Birthday Bootstrap gave its fans access to the newest upgrade known as 4 Alpha. If you are unsure what a bootstrap (aside from the one on your boots) even is, you can catch up on the basics first

It's okay, we will wait. 

Finished? Now that you are familiar with the most popular CSS, HTML, and JS framework, we will cover some of the new items they are bringing to the table. 

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3. The Best Blogs to Keep You In The Loop

The Best Blogs To Keep You In The Loop

The tech industry is rapidly changing which makes it crucial to self educate and stay ahead. This means hunting down reliable resources to always stay informed on new releases, tactics, and standards. We want to share some of our favorite blogs that help us do just that.

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4. Women In Tech

Women in Tech

As a small tech company in an ever growing tech town, we have something that sets us apart from many of our competitors. Yes, we have strong websites, passionate social media campaigns,  tedicious SEO efforts, and all of that jazz.

It is something different. Our company is managed almost entirely by women aside from some of the owners and a couple of programmers (fear not, we also have women programmers).

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5. Why You Should Reconsider The Standard Work Day

6 Hour Office & Productivity

The demand for maximum efficiency took a toll on workers as the industrial revolution pushed on. This meant typically men worked in factories or mines from sunrise to sunset, and many lost their lives in the process. This was before tech offices with ball pits and millennials who require coffee bars.

Instead, one thing was demanded, 8 hours for work, 8 hours for rest, 8 hours for what you will. 

Great sacrifices were made to guarantee what we take for granted such as the 8 hour work day, weekends, holidays, and child labor laws. We are so used to it that we never even thought of changing the work week.

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See you next year, everyone! Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!

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