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Website Usability Check

Take a step back and look at your website with a fresh perspective. Use this checklist to ask yourself some basic questions about your site and then forward this list to employees, friends, family and businesses with which you partner.

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Marketing Morals

In a recent investigation, the New York Times recently exposed the dirty little secrets of one of the largest online retailers. According to the article, J. C. Penney enlisted the search engine optimization service...
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Is Your Website Technology Hindering Your Online Marketing Efforts?

Search Engine Marketing is a field that has rapidly grown in the past few years, largely due to the growth of Google. For the first time, website developers and clients alike have found a common measuring stick to determine the efficiency of their online marketing and of their web presence alike.

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The Importance of SEM & SEO Integration

With the importance of the Internet growing at every minute, it is essential for marketers to get the maximum value out of their SEM and SEO campaigns. However, many still make the common mistake of running their SEM and SEO programs separately, therefore not reaching the full potential of either campaign.

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Additional Features of Google Analytics

Google has recently made improvements to its Analytics program. There is now a new Analytics interface in place. The two biggest improvements that Google made was the ability to create multiple dashboards and the additional widgets.

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