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Your go-to blog resource for web design, social media and digital marketing news. Follow along for our Blue Archer musings. 

Thinking of Web Videos as Web Content

Certain clich?cs normally pop up during organizational discussions about how to reinvent the marketing wheel: "play to our strengths," "stand out from the crowd," "put a fresh face on our business," etc. In many cases, accomplishing these tasks is easier said than done.

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In with the Old and the New

Folks in the PR industry love to highlight the differences between "traditional media" and "emerging media." TV spots, radio ads, and billboards represent examples of traditional media, whereas emerging media generally refers to online outlets like websites, social networking, and online advertising. The biggest misconception is that these two forms of media are mutually exclusive. Entrepreneurs who are successful and savvy find ways to have these outlets work in tandem.

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New Website

The Blue Archer marketing department is furiously working on a brand new Blue Archer website! We are putting all of our best practices to work so that our new site will be better than ever. We will keep you posted on the launch, and then we will get back on track, providing web design and web marketing insight on the blog.

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Establish a Purpose for Your Social Media

When a business or organization is planning its internet marketing campaign, the first step (as with any other plan) should be establishing goals. What do you want to get out of each of your efforts? What are your metrics for tracking these goals? Additionally, your goals should be specific to each component of internet marketing. A goal for your AdWords campaign might be to increase conversions or actual form submits on your website. The purpose of link building may be to increase the organic positioning of a keyword in Google. Some goals may seem more straightforward than others, and it is sometimes most difficult to establish a clear goal for social media.

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Marketing for the next economic surge: how the internet became main stream

In year's past, companies that had a "digital" marketing strategy were trailblazers. They were exploring new methods of marketing that might someday become standards, albeit supplemental ones. But in today's era of fragmented television markets and the bankruptcy and splintering of print advertising outlets, the internet has become something more than a supplemental marketing resource for many firms: it has become the best method of generating sales.

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