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The 1st Step of SEO

When I begin a new Search Engine Optimization project with a client I always tell them, "Even though you're the expert on your business and I'm the SEO expert, we must still rely on the keyword data." 

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Are you curious how Google works?

This video by Matt Cutts, engineer at Google and SEO guru, serves as an excellent introduction to how Google works and methods for search engine optimization.

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Open Source Content Management Systems: None of us is as dumb as all of us

A few years ago everyone agreed that open source content management systems would revolutionize web development and website management. It did - just not in the way everyone expected. Now instead of having websites that took a programmer to change, people have websites that no one alive can change.

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From a child's perspective...

I was cleaning through my desk this week and came across some letters that we received from a neighborhood elementary school last fall. We participated in their Halloween Trick or Treat through Shadyside and following the event, a group of students stopped at the office to deliever their letters.

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Is Facebook Optimization the new SEO?

Is Facebook Optimization the new SEO?
This is all fairly new and I'm sure it will be awhile until the exact implications are clear for search engine optimization. 

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