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C is for "Credibility"

Continuing on with the explanation of Blue Archer's "ECCO" marketing concept, today is brought to us by the letter "C," for credibility.  After you've successfully exposed your website, the website needs to perform. First and foremost, it must provide credibility. If your website isn't living up to the expectations of the user, one of your competitors' sites will.  Credibility starts with design. 

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E is for "Exposure"

The first phase in Blue Archer's strategic marketing approach: ECCO.   Logically, before your website can become effective, your market must be exposed to it. Every website strategy must include exposure strategies. How will you drive traffic to your website?

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Do you hear the ECCO?

At Blue Archer, we leverage a strategic marketing concept we created called "ECCO." It's something that we try to impress upon all of our clients as well. It's a simple, straightforward concept that we utilize as a high-level litmus test to ensure that everything we do is strategically conceived.  ECCO stands for Exposure, Credibility, Conversion, and Ongoing Care.

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It Is time to Actually THINK about SEO

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with a prospective client. He was the marketing director of a relatively well-known supply company. One of his employees had asked me to speak with him about SEO. Here's how the conversation went (names have been changed...).

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Track Your Web Stats with Google Analytics

One of the most important aspects of gauging the success of your web presence is tracking how many viewers actually visit your site, and how those viewers experience it. Everything from where your viewers are coming from, how long they stay on the site, and the path they take when browsing your website are vitally important to improving your web presence.

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